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ABB Cylon® Smart Building Solutions

Solution overview

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Solution features & benefits

 efficient operations


 Optimize revenue


 Occupant comfort










Flexible and reliable web-based building management solution





  • A wide selection of state-of-the-art BACnet (IP and MS/TP) field controllers for HVAC control of a building’s mechanical and electrical systems including Elevators, Security (Card Access & CCTV), Parking Gate System and more.

  • Access controls and energy monitoring anytime anywhere via web-enabled smart devices.

  • Schedule building zones automatically through Microsoft® Outlook, Google® Calendar, or Apple® iCal. Simply book the room and the zone is scheduled.

  • The entire ABB Cylon range benefits from UniPut™ I/O technology for flexible point configuration and flexibility in strategy changes which has the benefit of minimizing the cost of design changes even at late stages in commissioning.

  • Data logging and alarming features enable energy meter data recording for improved energy management control.

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  • The secure web-based user-friendly graphical interface allows a site to be controlled and supervised in real-time with changes becoming instantly effective.

  • Onsite user control via UI eXplore Touch Screen.

Ease of integration

  • Open Protocol Solution supporting interoperability

  • BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP

  • Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU


ABB Cylon smart building solutions provide flexible site control applications for small to large scale building automation systems. Our highly flexible and easily extendable solutions also offer a consistent approach to the phased upgrade of legacy plant and new buildings.




  • ASPECT® Web-based Building Management Technology

  • INTEGRA™ Building Management System based on the Niagara Framework®

Enhanced energy efficiency | ABB Cylon® Active Energy

  • Increase a building’s energy efficiency

  • Reduce operational costs and carbon footprint

  • Reduce a buildings CO2 footprint

  • Monitor performance, target improvements, and measure project returns

  • Generate energy trends, charts, and reports securely from the cloud

  • Rationalize energy data based on historical weather patterns, user access, conservation measures, and more

  • Identify key problem spots in energy usage, rectify, and show true ROI

  • Simplify building operations | Integration and data collection with 3rd party systems enables centralized energy management overview of a range of diverse systems

  • Data logging and alarming features enable energy meter data recording for improved energy management control

  • Read more about Active Energy


Featured products

ABB Cylon connection solutions and products offer the flexibility and scalability to expand and grow with a dynamic modern building seeking the best in class IoT solution to address the increasing need for connected control.

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ASPECT Solution


CBXi Series








ABB Cylon® CBXi - IP Controllers


ABB ACS480 Drive



ASPECT is an award-winning scalable building energy management and control solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through standard building protocols (BACnet®, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) and common IT technologies.


Built on an extendible platform, featuring 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs, and feature support for up to five FLX (Field Level eXpansion) Series extension modules providing a scalable solution from 16 up to 96 points of control.


Some applications need only the essentials from their drives: simplicity and efficiency in a small package, delivered as effortlessly as possible. The ACS480 general purpose drive is exactly that: it brings all the essentials effortlessly together for you to run your conveyors, compressors, fans, pumps, and many other basic applications.



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Solution flexibility

ABB Cylon provides connected building control and energy management solutions to consulting engineers and building owners through our global network of Authorized Partners.


When you combine ABB Cylon’s highly robust, reliable, and flexible CB Line product range with our SaaS energy management expertise you get an advanced, top to bottom Energy Management Solution that really delivers on your energy-efficient commitments and goals.


With backward compatibility built into the design of our products providing the ability to seamlessly upgrade systems over 10 years old, you can be confident that your investment in an ABB Cylon building energy management system is secure.


 Consulting engineer


 Authorized Partner


 Building owner




When a consulting engineer chooses to work with an ABB Cylon Authorized Partner they access best in class HVAC control and automation, coupled with intelligent sensors and energy management and monitoring tools to develop truly world-class smart building solutions.   ABB Cylon solutions, built on an open platform, offer flexible point configuration, are quick and easy to install. Enhanced diagnostic tools and software provide for strategy simulation and testing, efficient commissioning and testing, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance time on site.   ABB Cylon Smart building Solutions provide facilities managers with the tools to anticipate and proactively respond to maintenance, comfort, and energy performance issues, resulting in better equipment maintenance, higher occupant satisfaction, and reduced energy consumption and costs.  


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Featured solutions

ABB Cylon's building energy management solutions have been installed in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. From large and small commercial offices, retail centers, schools and colleges, industrial buildings, health and leisure centers, hospitals, and hotels.



Commercial buildings









Commercial building solutions


Healthcare solutions


University campus solutions



ABB Cylon delivers scalable, front-end building automation solutions, open protocol building controls, and cloud-based energy analytic tools to meet the need of today's high-performance, green-conscious commercial facilities. ABB Cylon can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing site, or upgrading current systems in a way that optimizes return on investment


As sophisticated needs and extended uptime lead to the high energy consumption of most hospitals and clinics, the healthcare sector offers an unparalleled opportunity for facility managers to optimize and increase energy savings. Whether you are targeting upgrades in an existing system or working to deliver a system-wide solution, ABB Cylon offers the services and products required to meet both the HVAC and energy saving needs of today's healthcare facilities.


Many campuses are a combination of new, aging, and historic buildings, with a proliferation of varying HVAC and lighting systems, and a blend of modern, outdated, or non-existent BMS systems. For facility management teams, managing many disparate systems is time-consuming, operationally inefficient, and potentially costly in terms of energy consumption and equipment maintenance. ABB Cylon smart building solutions integrate and simplify the control and management of campus BMS



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